Joy in the Blues

Well, friends, I think I’ve reached the pinnacle of the end-of-the-year-blues.

You, know…the “I can’t stop thinking about being done with finals, being with my family, being with my pets, not having to eat at the caf everyday, being tan, having a fun summer, and most of all, SLEEPING IN” thoughts that constantly roll through your brain? I know I can’t be the only one.

Summer seems so close yet so far. I feel like I am making every stride to end my freshman year with a bang but really I’m just accidentally oversleeping and running to class with bed-head. 

Today the ink in my pen exploded all over my hands, clothes, and phone case. Then in class, I fell off of my chair and knocked down two desks in the process. Later today I decided I deserved a nap but didn’t realize that I would sleep four hours through dinner, causing me to eat ramen noodles, alone in my room at 9:30 pm drinking koolaid jammers and watching country music videos on youtube because I was so bored. 

I sat there, a little bit grossed out at the fact that I was eating ramen noodles at 9:30 pm, but mostly just annoyed that I still had to wait two weeks until I could finally be home with my family. I know every single college student still in session right now is feeling the exact same way. It can be so hard to see what the point is in even trying during these last few weeks. It’s easy to feel burnt out, agitated, and lazy with our schoolwork (and even with our friendships). 

First of all, friends who are burnt out, you are not alone.

Friends who have no motivation left, you are not alone.

Friends who accidentally take four hour naps and miss dinner, you are not alone.

and it’s ok. It is totally valid for you to be feeling like this. You’ve been working hard all semester, and it’s fair for you to say “I’m tired and I don’t know how to even study anymore.” You can get through this! It just takes some diligence and patience.

Most everyone I have talked to is ready for summer, and I am so with you on this one. I want to be with my family and laugh and joke with them and sleep in and do fun summer things. But I also know I need to rest in the moment I am in. Not only is there a time and place for everything, but there is a rhyme and a reason. So, even when finals feel pointless and exhausting, remember they will be over soon and then you can frolic on the beaches in the sand while the sun sets. 

But until that time comes, find joy in the end of the year blues.

Don’t forget to do your best on every piece of work you do, but that no matter what grade you get, it doesn’t define you. Don’t forget to care for your friendships during these last few weeks. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, and rest when you body is telling you to rest. But most of all, don’t forget that in every season, you are not alone. There is a God who named the stars who cares for you when you are feeling exhausted and worn. He is the ultimate comforter and peace-giver. Look to Him and He will give you rest. 

Friends, I hope you feel refreshed knowing that you are not alone, even if the seasons of feeling blue. I hope you know God has placed people in your life to help you through times like these, but that ultimately, God is the provider of never-ending comfort. 

The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.” – Psalm 29:11

All my love,

Hannah Jane 


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