6 Things I Learned as a College Freshman

Guys, today I took my last exam, packed up the car, turned into the room key, shed a few tears, and finished my first year of college. It feels a little weird but so awesome to say I’ve accomplished another year of education, change, and growing! I’ve been doing some reflecting on my year and here are some things I thought I would share about the things I’ve learned this year.

  1. You’re going to change your major a few times…and it’s totally ok.

So many people told me coming into my first year of college that I would probably change my major at least once. I was so confident that I wanted to study theology because I love God and Jesus and the Bible and I wanted to know as much as I could about the Bible. After about a month in the theology department, I realized it wasn’t for me, but not because I don’t love Jesus. It just wasn’t the best academic path for me personally. So, I figured the next best thing was Intercultural Studies, right? I love cultures and I’ve been exposed to a lot of them and I figured it made sense. Wrong. Because of the blessed life I have led, I actually already knew a lot of the practical things the professors would talk about and I got super duper bored. ***I’m not saying I know everything, because I totally don’t. I learned a lot about missionary history that I didn’t know before, and I’m thankful for all I have learned. *** But, it was time to switch, again. Most of you know I have always wanted a coffee shop. So, the next logical step was business, right? HA, wrong again, my friends. Business includes math and math includes statistics and accounting and I think I had a mental breakdown in the Business Administration office when I talked to an advisor and she told me I had to take those classes. Ok, so that didn’t work.

So, after all of this, I kind of freaked out a little…and by that I mean I freaked out a lot. How could I not even know what I want to do with my life?! Does this mean I’m not trusting God enough with my future? Does this mean I just don’t have any talents like I thought I did, because nothing seems to work?! These were all lies from the enemy to make me feel insecure. But, every college student knows that we change our majors and it’s ok because you don’t have to have everything figured out right now. Figuring things out is a process and a big part of it is trusting God when we don’t know. But in the end, know that it’s ok to not know, and you will figure it out in due time.

  1. Buying a vacuum is imperative.

Incoming freshman, BUY A CHEAP VACCUUM FOR YOUR ROOM AT WALMART. You will thank yourself later. Two girls in one room all year with no vacuum resulted in a lot of unwanted hairballs. Gross, guys. Gross. Just buy the stupid vacuum.

  1. Be bold with the talents God has given you.

My senior year I taught myself how to do calligraphy and I started to get really into it. With time, and cool American crafts stores (CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE GLORIES OF HOBBY LOBBY FOR A SECOND?!), my resources expanded and I started to get better. Most of y’all know I haven’t had a car this year so I was unable to get a job. I was so tempted my first semester to start selling my calligraphy to make some extra money but I was way too scared that I wasn’t good enough. Eventually, I just bit the bullet and posted an album on Facebook offering to sell my calligraphy and I have had so much support from so many people. This was such a blessing to me all semester and really encouraged me that people actually wanted my art. What an honor. God has used my calligraphy to bless me and to bless others in ways I couldn’t imagine. My calligraphy has been bought as gifts to those who are in seasons of hurt and I’m proud and honored to be a part of their healing process, even if it is in a tiny framed piece of art. Use those gifts, y’all. They are there for a reason. ***P.S. Thank you to everyone who has bought my calligraphy—my Etsy shop is opening this week for those of you who have asked!!!

  1. No matter what school you go to, the cafeteria food will suck. Just accept it.

5. Loving Yourself is Part of Loving Others

I think there’s a lot of negative attitude towards men and women loving themselves. We see it as cocky, annoying, and kind of creepy. But I have seen so many lovely ladies change from feeling insecure to feeling freaking awesome about themselves this year and it is a beautiful thing. Friends, allow others to love on you and encourage you. It is the best when you begin to realize that others see potential in you. Take that and say thank you. Listen to what they say and you will begin to think, “Hey, I guess I am really good at – insert lovely quality about yourself – “. When you begin to see the good in yourself, you will begin to see the good in others. When you stop focusing on the qualities you don’t have, and begin focusing on the lovely qualities that make you who you are, you will naturally become the one who brings encouraging words to someone else. Take the love others give you and spread it around like a nice piece of toast (yeah, I went there). You know that person who just makes you feel like you’re pretty inside every time you’re with them? You can be that for someone else. ***Also, this isn’t just an easy self-help cure for insecurities. This is so real, y’all. There are verses scattered throughout the Bible about loving each other and building each other up. I really believe if we love ourselves for who God made us to be with all of our quirks, edges, and stains, then we can love others for all of their quirks, edges, and stains.

  1. Being Nervous to Start College is Normal

Everyone coming in as a freshman is bug eyed and awkward and we don’t know what to do with ourselves and are probably lost. That’s normal. My first day of college classes, I was so nervous that I just kept texting my mom “I’M SO NERVOUS. WHAT IF I GO TO THE WRONG CLASSROOM?!” I was so distracted by my nervous-texting that I actually ran into a tree. So…yeah. If you ever think you’re over reacting about the pre-college nerves, you probably are and that’s normal. But just remember, at least you didn’t run into a tree.



Well, cool cats, I will leave you on that note.

I hope this resonated with some of you and made you giggle a little bit!


All my Love,

Hannah Jane


One thought on “6 Things I Learned as a College Freshman

  1. Brianne Riffe says:

    Vacuum= imperative. Try having two blonde roommates, a black rug, and no vacuum. Seriously. Go buy the vacuum. 😛
    You are so precious Hannah. All of these things are totally true, and so wise to acknowledge. You are going to be an awesome whatever-you-become. 🙂


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